Venture Studio

Venture Studio

DLTx is open to partnerships with blockchain and payment-based start-ups. For nascent start-ups or those interested in exploring joint ventures, this is our typical process: Click to apply!

Block 0

Starting with a 30-minute informal meeting (in our Eagle St, Brisbane office or via Zoom) allows us to talk through the idea in technical and commercial terms. Understanding Clients aspirations and goals is vital in ensuring their vision aligns with DLTx.

Block 1

Assuming there is a mutual appetite to explore a POC or MVP, the next step is a half-day workshop with guidance from a Business Analyst, Tech Lead and Design Lead. The object is to explore what the product could look like, both in terms of MVP/POC and V1.0, along with defining what 'success' is. The cost is $1,500 ex (which is then offset against the cost of any further work should the project proceed).

Block 2

As an artifact of Block 1, a proposal containing an estimate of effort and a summary of opportunity and prospective solution will be provided. The proposal may also explore possibilities for discounts and/or equity-based participation, based on the conversations thus far. Equity participation can vary between 0% to 49% dependant on an evaluation of the opportunity and the perceived ability of the founders to execute commercially.

Block 3

The build. A typical MVP/POC project costs $25,000 to $100,000 ex GST. A summary of DLTx's methodology and values can be found at https://github.com/dltxio/dltxio.github.io/blob/master/how.md

Standard Terms and Conditions : https://github.com/dltxio/dltxio.github.io/blob/master/terms.md